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Die Chaosschwestern und Pinguin Paul


Blue eyes fiction (DE), Velvet films (BE), Filmvergneugen (IT)

Production coordinator, Covid manager, Assistant location manager, Penguin coordinator,

VIP cast driver VIP vehicle by ALL4SET


When ALL4SET was contacted the production faced a tight timeline with only 3 weeks of prep before shooting began across locations in Belgium, Germany, and Italy, involving 6 company moves.

Acting swiftly and decisively we managed to fill in vacant positions on the crew roster such as Production coordinator, Assistant location manager, COVID manager, Penguin(cast) coordinator, and VIP driver.


Despite the challenging circumstances, our team successfully handled various tasks such as coordinating last-minute tech recces, matching different international COVID regulations, and solving unique issues like housing and logistics for three penguins. 

The production coordinator managed lodging and transport for foreign crew, scouted local crew, coordinated company moves, and arranged labor permits for child actors. The location team handled shooting permits, communication with the police and fire department, and coordinated basecamp logistics.  The medical team advised on COVID prevention, conducted PCR testing on set, and provided medical support. The Penguin coordinator designed and constructed a customized penguin enclosure, and planned and executed logistics for food and travel for the cast penguins. 

Transport services included a designated cast driver and VIP vehicle.


Even after having several setbacks such as a COVID outbreak and last-minute changes in company moves the team managed to plan and shoot every scene as pictured by the creatives.

The Bachelorette (US, season 19)


Warner Bros

Transport planner, drivers, crew & cargo vehicles

With just one week to prepare for a 30-vehicle fleet operation, including coordinating 15 drivers and various equipment for cargo and passenger transport, a major setback occurred when the day before the shoot mix-ups in the transport schedule were discovered. However, thanks to the quick thinking and problem-solving skills of ALL4SET, an overnight fix was implemented to ensure the project continued to run smoothly. The ability to address and resolve unexpected challenges in real-time shows the importance of adaptability and resourcefulness in managing complex logistics operations.

Everybody loves Diamonds


Amazon MGM Studios, Menuetto film (BE), Wildside (IT)

Gripper, Set dresser, Set medic, COVID assistant, Night guard,

Location assistant, Manual labor costume dept.

It is impressive how we managed to quickly adapt to the unexpected challenges of last-minute crew staffing for seven different departments, amidst production issues and COVID outbreaks. Our planners succeeded to not only fill in crew gaps, but also ensure coordination and meet deadlines without fail, which speaks volumes about their expertise and efficiency in handling out-of-the-box problems. Their ability to deliver under such high-pressure situations highlights their commitment to customer satisfaction.

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