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Camel and Pyramids

Filming in Egypt.


You might have heard of the 'Hollywood of East' or 'Hollywood on the Nile' before, but did you know that Egypt's film industry is only a few years younger than Hollywood?
In fact, since 1896, Cairo has produced up to three-quarters of the Arab world's movies, representing the vast majority of all content.

One of the perks of having this much experience is the vast pool of extremely skilled labor and professional framework created over the years. However, despite the size of the industry and the quality of the work, budgets tend to be much lower than those in similar industries in the West. The only reason why this is possible is the extremely low labor costs, which can be up to 95% less than those of equivalent Western initiatives.

Then, why do so few international productions shoot in Egypt you might ask? The answer is simple: due to former political instability and significant cultural differences, Egypt was almost never considered as an option - except if a large desert or a giant pyramid was needed, of course.

Shooting without headaches.


Making sure the workflow and communication are optimized from pre pre-production to post-production while still offering fair compensation to all involved is exactly what ALL4SET aims
to do in the land of the Pharaohs.

We are a liaison, a go-between, and a facilitator between two different worlds and two very different ways of working, ensuring your creatives can focus on what they do best: creating a true masterpiece, or at the very least making sure all aspects are optimized so your production can
be the best it can be.

With support and services that can be called upon at any stage of the process, our European European-Egyptian team represents the best of both worlds. Having gained the trust of powerhouses like Amazon, Netflix, and Warner Bros. while shooting many of their European offshore productions, we know exactly what you need and what is expected by your international partners. ALL4SET provides a full full-service production spectrum at any point in the process.

Local producer matchmaking
Distribution matchmaking
Financing consultancy and matchmaking

Production budgeting
Line producing
Crew scouting

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