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Industry pollution

Go green.


Sustainable filmmaking.


360GREEN is a young and highly motivated team that is composed of multiple industry specialists with many different backgrounds and experiences. As a common factor we share the love for film but also our home, planet Earth.

When joining this initiative, we pledged to take action and unite our shared knowledge and expertise. As the concept of “Green-Filming” is still fresh to many, we strive to tear down the existing threshold that holds back many productions exploring this idea.

We continually work on bundling hands-on solutions to help your production and workflow become more eco-friendly and sustainable.

Our goal is to offer a 360 degree fix for outdated polluting technologies and mindsets. We don’t only provide the right tools but also the knowhow to uplift your project and work in a more eco-responsible way.

How your carbon footprint can be reduced.


Ways on how we can help you help our planet:

Script analysis
Supplier matchmaking
Carbon calculation scenarios during prep

Total carbon analysis

Carbon reporting

Crew training & awareness

Company workflow analysis
Company ESG reporting

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