Location assistance

Location Scouting

All4set offers location scouting services for production filming in Belgium.

As this is our home turf our own crew and extended network of scouts can rely on many years of experience in local productions.

Location Management

All4set offers location management services for production filming in Belgium.

Our team of location managers knows it’s a way around local laws, regulations, and customs.

Their hands-on mentality and the simple fact of them being native speakers translates into a splendid workflow and a positive vibe on set.

Crew Assistance

It’s not always easy finding a location crew with the right mindset. All4set offers you veterans as well as student workers with set experience.

Being the first in and last out proper guidance is essential for day-to-day operations, but also crew morale. That’s why our crew always works with one of our own location managers.

Set Equipment

We offer the convenience of hiring a location crew and the equipment they’re used to working with at one go.

A wide range of set equipment such as catering carts, tents and traffic cones is at your disposal 24/7.