Vehicle Rental

Within our transport department, we provide different vehicles for rent such as:

Minivans, luxury vans, executive cars, passenger cars, box vans, trucks, tractor(truck) trailers, fixed trailers, and car-pulled trailers.


Our team consists of experienced cargo, passenger, and VIP drivers that can be assigned to your project.

All drivers are licensed and have an up-to-date medical certificate for passenger transport.

Vip Transport

Discretion is key when it comes to working with VIP’s. That’s why our VIP transport operates strictly within a given ethical standard.

We value attention to detail, making sure our drivers are dressed in appropriate attire and that they provide an adjusted driving style for your VIP’s convenience.

Transport Management

When hiring All4set drivers we always advise our clients to work with one of our transport managers. While mastering our existing workflow they will fine-tune your production’s transport department like clockwork.