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Image by Il Vagabiondo

Medical assistance.


Set medic.

You get more than just standard care. Our team consists of experienced medical professionals with EMT expertise who understand the unique demands of the film industry.


Remember Covid? We were the ones on the front lines, making sure the cameras were still rolling.

Medical extras.

Maintaining the suspension of disbelief is crucial in filmmaking, and having extras who can convincingly perform both acting and medical tasks ensures a seamless production.


With our skilled medical extras, you can trust that every scene will be authentic, preserving the integrity of your story and captivating your audience.

Medical equipment & props.


Gain swift access to exclusive medical equipment and props, including costumes, hospital setups, vehicles, and more. With a focus on your needs, we ensure seamless access to essential resources to enhance the authenticity of your production.


Trust us to provide high-quality props that elevate the realism of your scenes.

Medical transport.

GET TO THE CHOPPA !! Licensed medical transportation on set is just a call away. Whether you need an ambulance or helicopter, our priority is your safety.


So, when emergencies strike, rest assured knowing that qualified professionals are ready to respond swiftly, allowing you to focus on bringing your creative vision to life without worries.

Medical scriptwriting.

We understand the importance of accuracy in medical scripts, especially considering the embarrassment inaccuracies can cause in films. Take for example the movie 'Patch Adams,' where inaccuracies in medical practices drew criticism from both audiences and professionals alike. That's why we meticulously review scripts to ensure they align with real-world medical procedures and terminology. With our attention to detail, you can avoid the pitfalls of inaccuracies and confidently bring your medical-themed production to life.